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Made in USA

All KGS Artwear products are “Made In USA”. For us, that means all the fabric printing and assembly happens in the United States of America, as well as all the marketing, management, and product development. There’s also another important bonus- The Dye Sublimation print process is a very “Green Friendly” process that uses water based ink and recycled/able paper. No harmful chemicals, dyes or excessive water usage is needed for the process.

Thanks for your support!

What makes our shirts so cool?

  • KGS Artwearapparel is NOT textured! (The 3 dimensional appearances are due to the art)
  • Shirt designs are dyed into the fabric itself.   Your awesome graphics will not fade or peel off (no matter what activity, or lack of activity, you prefer.)
  • Our fabric is anti-microbial & moisture wicking (so you stay cool, dry, and don’t stink even when you’re sweaty)
  • Our fabric has been specially treated for a soft feel against your body (You can even wear them as pajamas!)
  • WE LOVE YOU MAAAAN! (in a non-threatening, family safe kinda way of course!)

Free Throws!

At KGS Artwear, we give you plenty of extra free throws! Whenever you order a SportFreak shirt we throw in a free “GYSFO/Get Your SportFreak On” oval car sticker, a Gods Of SportFreak trading card (you did see the comic strip, right?), and a very special surprise that every sports fan is sure to enjoy- It’s our way of saying “Thanks for playing with us”!

Technical Stuff

Our material is 100% polyester with an anti-microbial and wicking yarn. The fabric is knit in a way that allows for hot air to escape and maintain a comfortable body temperature. The fabric has been treated during manufacturing creating a soft feel against the body. The fabric weight of 200g/m2 gives our sports apparel a nice light feel.

We fooled you! KGS Artwear apparel is NOT “textured”! The 3 dimensional appearance is due to our cutting edge art process. Unlike standard screen printed apparel (where the color is printed on the surface of the shirt) that can fade and peel, our designs are dyed into the fabric (and never show signs of wear). Our imprint technology actually turns the color pigment into vapor and infuses it into the fabric. No matter what activity, or lack of activity, you prefer, your shirt will make it through many years of use (even if you mix your whites with your colors!)